The world is experiencing something that has never been seen on this planet. For many years that have been movies that portray an end of the world apocalypse that involved some virus out of China. Reality has now set in and the population of planet earth is in a panic state.

A major transition between introverts and extroverts is about to take place. It seems that the people most prepared for this type of situation is people that are introverts. They know how to keep to themselves and how to make themselves feeling good without the need of other people around.

It won’t matter if you’re rich poor or have presidential power. This virus does not discriminate and attack a specific group, it randomly picks it’s enemy and attacks without warning. Stealthy kind of virus if you want to call it that, it is taking over planet earth.

We should all unite at times like these because it is crucial for society to survive. If we let this virus take control of our planet then we will be at war with a biological weapon.

Things that will change because of this outbreak!

Less socializing. People will not be socializing that much anymore. Everyone will want to have there distance with people. Just think of it as a population full of OCD’s walking around and greeting each other. People will wear gloves and masks everywhere, It will become the new norm.

Sports will never be the same. I don’t think sports will ever be the same anymore. We will never see the same amount of crowds we would see in a Superbowl game. It will be very difficult for us to adjust back to “normal life”. Athletes and entertainers will stop making MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. How and why does someone need that much money when there are kids in Africa dying of hunger everyday.

Musicians will start doing concerts on Instagram Live. This one will be a new era we see.Our kids will grow up in a world where Instagram live concerts will exist and payperview concerts or realtime netflix concerts will start. I think social media will benefit from all of this. At the end, it wont matter how many followers you have though. People will be finding ways to survive and to keep alive from this epidemic. Musicians will not attract people at concerts anymore.

Work From Home will be the new normal. Everyone will be working from home at this point. There will be restrictions as to what cities and countries you can go to. You might need to have a vaccine of the coronavirus before you enter a country. You wont be able to travel unless you are vaccinated with a future vaccine that might not come out until a couple of years.