What is the most famous niche on Instagram?





Instagram is a killer app. With millions of users and more engagements, it stands out among many other social media platforms. Undoubtedly, Instagram is a social media platform that can be used by anyone to carry out any activity.

For every social media platform, there must be a particular niche that works best. Since there are no ultimate niches, as every niche has its advantages and disadvantages. 

However, when it comes to Instagram, some niches are more popular and sell more than other niches. These niches are beneficial to entrepreneurs and beginners who are still unsure of the type of business to establish on this social media platform. 

Quickly, before we take a look at the most popular Instagram niches, here are some factors that make these niches so famous!

  • Age of the target demographic: These niches target and cover almost every age range, from youths to adults.
  • Gender of the demographic: The gender of the demographics of these niches covers both male and female sexes.
  • Location of demographics: Most of these popular niches sell services that are not location based, this means, wherever their audience is, they can earn from these services.
  • The language of demographics: These niches use a generally understood language, English.

These factors are what makes it easy for these niches to sell and gain more audience/followers than the rest.

Here are lists of the top 5 niches that are most popular on Instagram. 

  • Health and fitness.
  • Entertainment.
  • Beauty.
  • Art.
  • Fashion.

However, the Health and Fitness comes top because people are on a lookout for a niche that inspires and motivates them which is what the health and fitness niche does. 

This niche has influenced a more significant number of Instagram users, and this is evident in the tons of videos posted on yoga, gym sessions, health supplements that have received overwhelming response and reactions.

At present, there are thousands of fitness brands on Instagram. With new ones springing up and also seeking the services of influencers to help them gain exposure to their product and services. 

The health and fitness niche also presents enormous potential for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their Instagram followers and gives them an opportunity to make money from it by uploading their products, advertising brands, driving traffic to affiliate products like training programs, supplements or exercise machines and making shout-outs to other pages.

However, this doesn't rule out the fact that other niches are also profitable, but, the demand for health and fitness all over the globe and among Instagram users are high and continuously on the rise.