How long does it take to receive Instagram Followers?
You will receive your service within 5 minutes of purchase.
How long does it take to receive Instagram likes?
If your payment is approved and completed, you will start receiving likes through our network instantly.
How long does it take to receive Instagram views?
When your payment is approved, your video(s) will start receiving views immediately after payment.
Are your Instagram Followers delivered Instantly?
Our Instagram followers are delivered Instantly after payment has been completed.
Why should I Buy Instagram Followers?
People always ask this question and it's difficult to answer because it's always based on peoples preference. If you need to boost you're followers for a head start in the Instagram game world, then buying a couple of thousand followers should do the trick. Having more followers will increase the value of your account. You have to remember that these followers are not active nor will they engage into conversations with you through direct message. These followers are there to increase the stats on your followers.
Why should I buy likes?
Buying likes is important if you'd like to rank for hashtags. For example: If I create a post about cats and have the hashtags #cats #Animals #cute .. Depending on the competitiveness of that hashtag buying likes will help you rank top 10.
Why Socialdose?
At Socialdose we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We have fast delivery of high quality services and careful planning to cater to your needs. We also have high quality support from our experienced social media experts. If you have any questions regarding the service we provide then you can reach us through the contact form.
Is Buying Instagram Followers and Likes worth my money?
You can think of your Social Accounts as an investment to your online presence. If your goal is to build a business out of your Instagram account then buying followers is the correct way to do it.
Could I order a bigger package?
Please contact us for bigger packages.
Do you need my account login in order to send my service?
No, we will never ask for your login details.
Is it possible to go viral through buying likes?
Yes, it is possible to get your post in the top 10 of the hashtags you're trying to rank for.
Is it illegal to buy Instagram followers or likes?
It's 100% Legal. There is no law or restrictions on these type of services as of now in any country in the world. A lot of these “buy instagram followers or likes” services are against Instagram's Terms of Service though, which is where you likely got the misconception. However, this doesn't mean it's illegal.