What are some ways to receive more traffic to your Instagram profile?





Do you want to drive traffic to your Instagram profile, build more followers and generate leads?

With over 30 million daily users, Instagram has grown to be more than a photo-sharing platform. It is an excellent channel to grow your business, increase leads and generate sales.

However, to drive traffic to your profile, you must map out a good strategy and follow the tips listed below. 

  • Post creative and exclusive contents that align with your brand: It is imperative to post contents that align with your brand. Also, make sure that you source for exclusive contents that are engaging and captivating.
  • Make effective use of your Bio: It is also essential to make good use of your bio by adding a clickable link that people can visit. This link should be used to send your Instagram followers to your blog, homepage, product page or even landing page. You can also use a call to action in your caption to invite people to click on the link in your bio.
  • Have an overall strategy: If you don’t have a good strategy on Instagram, you won’t drive much traffic to your post. Therefore, you must take a look at the bigger picture on Instagram and think about an overall strategy that can help you get more traffics and generate leads. You need to know what works for your audience, who they are, why they are on Instagram, figure out what to post, and the best time to post.


  • Make use of catchy and appealing images: Another way of driving traffic to your profile on Instagram is to make use of high-quality images that are catchy and appealing. Use filters and tools also to enhance the quality of these images.
  • Use creative videos: You can also create interesting videos to connect with your followers and show the real side of your brand and business. These videos could be how-to videos, videos that answers frequently asked questions, shows celebration or anything that would interest your followers. 
  • Make effective use of hashtags: Finding hashtags that are relevant to your business and industry is the best way to generate exposure and get more traffic. However avoid using too many hashtags on a post, 5 to 10 hashtag is recommended for each post. 
  • Be active and engaging: To drive traffic on Instagram, you also need to be open, active and engaging with your audience, like and comments on people's post. Share contents regularly to show you are consistent. When people like and comment on your post, respond and never ignore your followers. 

Finally, making effective use of the tips posted above can help every Instagram user drive traffic, generate leads and make more sales.