How To Do Instagram Top 9





With over 800 million users all over the globe, Instagram has become an excellent tool for building the kind of engagement that establishes a brand. One way to get your brand established and become popular on Instagram is by going viral. The best way way this would be done would be to rank in the top 9 for hashtags.

Becoming viral on Instagram has so many benefits which include more followers, better impression, more likes, and even more leads. Here are five tips for anyone that wants to go viral on Instagram.

  • Publish Goal-Driven Content: The key to going viral on Instagram is to publish goal-driven content that catches the people’s attention, content such as meme, mad pictures with interesting quotes that make you laugh. Searching for viral content is pretty easy, you can do that by following viral accounts, turning on post notification and then reposting popular stories once it goes viral. 
  • Seek the services of influencers: Instagram influencers can also make you go viral because they offer better engagement. These are people who have developed a large number of followers and have the power to influence their followers based on the authority they have developed on their niche.  Instagram Influencers can help you go viral by sharing your photos, brands, and products on their page and asking their followers to also comment or like their post.  
  • Make proper use of hashtags: Hashtags are one of the tools that can help you go viral because they make it easy for users to find you. When applied in line with Instagram hashtag algorithm, hashtags can help you go viral and create a large follower base. But how do you apply hashtags according to Instagram algorithms to get your post seen by a lot of users? You can do this by using hashtags to describe your photo, state your location, and emphasize your niche.
  • Schedule time to engage your followers:  To go viral, it is essential to know when your followers are most active on Instagram. Posting contents when your followers are active will increase the chances of your post getting more engagement within the first 20 minutes of posting.
  • Develop your Niche: To go viral, it is also important to develop a niche and remain consistent in it. When you are able to tailor your page to a particular niche and build quality content in that niche, people will come to your page naturally to get the latest news and events about your niche. Consistency in your niche begins with your bio. Therefore you must create a bio that attracts the right audience in your niche, also carry out detailed research and develop great ideas from top pages in your niche. 

Finally, going viral on Instagram requires no magic. By taking actions and using this step listed above, you can go viral on Instagram, become an Instagram celebrity, grow your business, Increase your followers and also increase sales of your product if you  operate an Instagram business pages.