How To Build An Instagram Following





With a high level of user engagement and over 300 million daily users, Instagram has also proven over time to be a strategic marketing tool with continuous innovations to increase the level of engagement and user-friendliness. The constant updates on Instagram have also made it easier for brands to maximize the platform for marketing activities.

However, getting more followers on Instagram demands a new strategy and approach due to the ever-changing Instagram algorithm. Here are five best strategies that can help you grow your Instagram followers. 

Invest in a having an artistic and complete profile: One way to gain more followers on Instagram in 2018, is by paying attention to what your Instagram feed looks like. This is because your Instagram business profile is the first opportunity you have to make a great impression and entice visitors to click the follow button. In creating a positive impression, here are some things to put into consideration

  • Create a consisted Instagram profile: Remember that your Instagram followers want to know exactly what to expect when they follow you, therefore you must be consistent in your post and plan out the look of your Instagram feed. 
  • Use Instagram story highlights to introduce your brand: One way of keeping your followers informed on what to expect from you, and your brand is by using Instagram Stories Highlights feature, which features your business, products, or services and also leads to sales instantly. 
  • Create an attractive Instagram Bio: When creating your Instagram bio, it is important to focus more on what your brand is all about and how your prospective followers will get inspired by following you. 

Use Instagram Stories to get more exposure: The key to getting new followers, and keeping them engaged is by making use of Instagram stories, this is because Instagram stories are meant to appear on the Instagram explore page which means that even people who do not follow you can watch your videos and follow your account if they find the videos interesting. 

Find the Right Hashtags for Your Business: Hashtags are great ways of turning your visitors into engaged followers. When applied according to the Instagram hashtag algorithm, hashtags are also great for establishing a large follower base. The goal with hashtags is to improve the visibility of your post and ensure they appear on the top post section of that hashtag; this is because Instagram users tend to search for posts using hashtags. The key to maximizing the hashtag algorithm of Instagram is to look out for less-frequently-used hashtags and maximize the opportunity to appear in the top post section of such hashtags. 

Promote your Instagram account in other places: One of the most effective ways of promoting your Instagram account and gaining more followers is by spending some time in promoting your account on other social media channels, press, blogs, guest post, and podcast interview. For instance, if you are writing a guest post for a blog, you can offer to write it free at no cost and make sure you link to your Instagram account in your bio. 

Boost Instagram Posts to reach New Audience: Another way to gain more followers on Instagram is to create ads and boost them to reach a wider audience. Note that boosting a post on Instagram isn’t difficult, you only need to create an Instagram post and hit the “promote” button 

Finally, Instagram is the best social media channel to gain more followers, keep them engaged and drive traffic to your business. However, to gain more followers, you need to be strategic in your approach using the five tips listed above.