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Select The Package

There’s no registration process and we won’t ask for your Instagram password either. Select the package you'd like to purchase. If you're buying IG likes you need to enter your account name and it will pull up your profile. You can select which photo you'd like to receive likes on.


Enter Your Instagram Name

Make sure that your profile is set to public. We cannot provide views, likes and followers to accounts that are set as private.



The checkout process is done securely through PayPal. We have SSL enabled on our website which means that the transaction are completely safe and anonymous.

Buy Instagram Followers

When you purchase Instagram Followers through Socialdose, we make sure that your order is complete. If for whatever reason some followers drop we will gladly refill them for free. Remember that we provide a service that boost Instagram followers. Sometimes Instagram will erase of the followers that we have added. Our backup is too refill your order to keep you satisfied.

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Buy Instagram Likes

Buying Instagram Likes for your post has more benefits then you can imagine. Depending on the hashtags and niche you choose, you have a high chance of being on the top 10 of some of those hashtags you entered in your post. Our likes are of the highest quality and are sent instantly to your post.

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Buy Instagram Views

If you have a video that you would like boosted then ordering this service would be best. This service is designed for video post on Instagram. It is for people looking to boost there views instantly.

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Why choose SocialDose?

About Us

We are an experienced team that has been working with social media since its early days. We’ve helped many companies rise to the top and convert their online presence into real sales. Now, we’re offering SocialDose as a public service.

Our Technology

Our networks are built to provide you with the best and fastest service out there. You can bet that your uploads are going up in the top for your Instagram hashtags which will attract attention of hundreds of new and real likes, followers and views!

Instant Delivery

As part of our great services comes quick delivery, the minute you finalize your purchase, your Instagram is bound to start receiving new exposure in the palm of your hand.

Our Guarantee

Satisfaction is our number one priority! If you are not happy, you will receive a 100% money back. This is why we stand high and remain the best place to buy Instagram followers and likes!

Around-the-Clock Support

Rest easy knowing our top notch support department is waiting to answer your questions or concerns at any second of the day to ensure you are not left behind and you are receiving the help you need.

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