How To Get More Likes On Instagram





Here are some of the top 5 ways you can increase the traffic to your Instagram profile page:

  1. Make sure the photo or video is very high quality. People like seeing good quality material and it will matter 1000% if you want to retain more traffic from your content. 
  2. Show your face. People like seeing your face or someone elses face on Instagram. Since the page is about yourself it woulf be ideal if you posted about YOURSELF.
  3. Choose filters that fit your theme. Remember you will need to have some sort of theme for your profile page and choosing filters will help you achieve that much more attention to your profile.
  4. Use hashtags wisely. If you are looking to boost the engagement to your profile you will need to insert the correct hashtags to your post. Use a random hashtag generator It will help you pick out the hashtags that are most relevant to your post.
  5. You have to make sure the caption you write are attractive to your audience. You will need to think this one out. This can be challenging and it can become the hardest to get. Sometimes what I would usually do is scout twitter for ideas about my topic and see if I can get the caption through there.